Welcome to the Construction Blog of the Pirate Ship. I plan to have it done for Burning Man 2010 as time and material present themselves. I am trying to use as much recycled and reused material as possible. Some things I will have to buy, for that your donations are most appreciated.

Getting the Ship to the Desert


We’ve been busy getting the ship ready for the Playa.  We’ve solved the hydraulic problem we had in 2011, it appears that the pump was oversized and was leading to difficult to diagnose problems (some of the symptoms still have hydraulic experts scratching their heads). With a smaller pump we’ve had the ship racing up and down the street.   Now we need to get the ship to the Playa, there are a lot of costs involved with transporting the 10,00lb pirate ship to the Black Rock Desert.  To help us do that we’re selling Baby Tripods.

You can get one here on the Main Page: http://www.lostmachine.com/

We hope to see you on the Playa

Thank you so much,

Captain Andy


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