Welcome to the Construction Blog of the Pirate Ship. I plan to have it done for Burning Man 2010 as time and material present themselves. I am trying to use as much recycled and reused material as possible. Some things I will have to buy, for that your donations are most appreciated.

Tripod Help



See the Update to this post here: http://www.lostmachine.com/blog/archives/279

I have good news and bad news. The good news is new Tripods are being built, 238 new Tripods are in the shop right now in various stages of completion.

The bad news is we no longer have a source for their electronic Hearts. The circuit design was co-developed between an electrical engineer and myself. The work was done on a volunteer basis to support the ship. Unfortunately he in no longer interested in volunteering his software.

What we need is an Electrical Engineer to help design a new Heart for the Tripods.

This time I want the design to be open source so that anyone can build their own Tripod or incorporate the PCB into their own artwork.

What we Need:
The physical design requirement for the PCB:
1-1/8″ x 2-1/8″.
Along the upper edge we need room for 8 thru hole RGB LEDs
An easily accessible programming header
A microphone to input sound
Powered by (3) AAA batteries (4.5v)
Controlled by a momentary Switch SPST
A single centered screw hole that can be tapped to mount the board to the back cover.
Use of the Atmel Tiny88 would be a bonus since we have a lot left over from the ship’s construction.
A small PCB with solder pads for the switch (1-1/8″ x 3/8″)

Initial Software requirements:
Two software modes, the first would be color morphing of the 8 LEDs on two color channels, (e.g. four LEDs could be blue and the other four yellow)
The second mode would be sound reactive (turning on and off to the beat of the music and changing colors).

I have included a picture of the original board but have blurred out the surface mount components to avoid copyright claims.
blurPCB 20101104

Being open source I hope others will later develop their own alternative color pallets, reaction modes etc. For now all we need is the basic features. The design would also need to include a parts list preferably with Digi-Key or Mouser part numbers.

Full disclosure: We intend to use the design to build Tripods and sell them to support the C.S. Tere Pirate Ship art car. We would like to take the ship to Maker Fair this spring. The sales of the Tripods would help with the transportation cost, tooling and materials on the ship.

I wish we had a huge cash prize to offer but we are operating close to the red. What I can offer is either (5) built out Tripods (your possible x-mas shopping?) or two larger custom Tripods like the one made for the Threshold Fundraiser. While the Tripods are nice gifts I am looking for the person that does this because they love the project, not because they believe it will make them rich.

3.5" Custom Tripod

I have been documenting the steel and plastic fabrication so that others can use the same construction techniques to make their own. I am excited that the PCB design and software will be open source.

(I have a history of making my techniques public; the new video will cover welding the legs, lots of Jigs and fixtures and an update on the acrylic glass technique below)

If you or someone you know is capable of helping we would greatly appreciate it. Please forward this to any list or web site that could help; we need the word to get out on this one.

I’m not sure how this will work out, but I believe something good will come out of this. Please email me for further questions.
LostMachine <@> Gmail.com

Thank you for your help,

Captain Andy

The C.S. Tere, Best Pirate Ship on the Playa

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